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Pump systems and pool filtration

Pump systems and pool filtration
The water in Mallorca is an essential and scarce good. Therefore we need to learn how to extract, manage and consume it in a responsible manner.

Apart from drinking it, we use water for almost all our actions, for preparing food, doing the laundry, washing ourselves, for irrigation purposes, pools etc. For all these uses, Solarta offers a direct solar pump system for places without connection to the grid.

Advantages compared to conventional systems:

1.Silent and automatic.
2.Does not need any fuel. Works without batteries.
4.Uses a renewable energy source and does not produce CO2 emissions.

Pump systems


1.ETAPUMP systems. Submersible pumps PS

The PS systems are the latest generation of solar pumps and cover the operating range of conventional pumps up to 2.3 kW, work in depths up to 200 m and flow rates of up to 22 m3/day. Installed solar capacity from 90 Wp to 900 Wp.

The efficiency of the submersible ETAPUMP pumps (pump-motor combination) reaches 63% compared to 30% of conventional systems:

ETAPUMP systems. Submersible pumps PS
1.Submersible pump that can operate in vertical and horizontal position
2.Eccentric screw or centrifugal pump, with motor without brushes
3.Positive displacement. Constant flow, non-pulsating.
4.Highly resistant against sand and corrosion. Made of stainless steel and hard chromium.
6.Wide speed range from 700 to 3500
7.Can be operated up to 240 m
8.Flow rate up to 22 m3/day
9.Suitable for facilities starting from 4"

2. BADTUTOP systems. Surface water pumps for filtrating pools

Are you interested in keeping your pool clean by simply using solar energy? Precisely when we need to take the most care of our pool, the sun shines the most. Use it!

The Badutop systems are the latest generation of solar pumps for filtrating pools, with flow rates up to 120 m3 with an installed solar capacity of around 600 Wp.

BADTUTOP systems. Surface water pumps for filtrating pools
The efficiency (pump-motor combination) reaches 42%.

2.Centifugal pump (at the surface) for solar operation
3.Flow rate up to 15 m3/h
4.Installation 3 m at most above or below the water level.
5.Maintenance free thanks to the motor running on DC without brushes
6.Pump only with prefilter.

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